Our Micropractice

In 2015, Drs. Kelly MacGregor and Kasia Malczyk came together asking the questions, "what type of family medicine experience do we want for ourselves? And how can we deliver family medicine better?" They envisioned a simple yet innovative clinic that incorporated technology to streamline both the patient and provider experience. They wanted to create a space they enjoyed working in as much as their patients enjoyed visiting. After much discussion, research and networking they realised micropractice was the avenue for which this could be possible.

Since opening in March of 2016, they are officially micropractice converts and are proud to offer comprehensive, all-ages family medicine, reproductive health care and an interdisciplinary breastfeeding and infant nutrition clinic. Willow Family Medicine is dedicated to providing an exceptional primary care experience and looks forward to working with patients and their families on their health care journey.

For more information on the principles of micropractise and the difference between Willow Family Medicine and a traditional medical office, please visit here.

Take a seat, grab a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable. Take full advantage of our children's corner and family friendly set up. Your provider will be right with you.

What To Expect


No "check in" is required, please seat yourself in the waiting room. Your provider will greet you at the time of your appointment.


The clinic is small. Please be mindful of noise.

Foot Traffic

Please remove your shoes. This helps keep the floor clean for our littlest of patients. 


Please leave large items in your car as our office is quite compact. 


Please provide your Alberta Health Care number and an up to date medication list. Your pharmacist can provide this, or you can bring your medication(s) with you. 


Your provider aims to run on time. If you are late, your visit may be cancelled and a charge may apply. Please allow a 15 minute buffer given the unpredictable nature of this work. 

Clinic Policies

Please review your provider's policies to ensure Willow Family Medicine is the right fit. 


The clinic is located directly across from the Palace Banquet Hall. The front door faces north, please park in this lot.

They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou