Willow Family Medicine is a small and unique practice. Certain policies are necessary to ensure a sustainable and effective doctor-patient relationship. Violation of these policies will result in the termination of this relationship.

Appointment Length. Dr. MacGregor allocates up to 30 minutes for each appointment. During this time, not only do patients share their concerns, but Dr. MacGregor must document, complete necessary paperwork and perform a pertinent physical exam if required. If this is not enough time, you will be asked to return.  

One Appointment, One Person. Doubling up on patients’ concerns prevents Dr. MacGregor from being comprehensive and does not allow for appropriate documentation. 

Continuity. Dr. MacGregor and Dr. Malczyk do not share patient panels; however, they do provide emergency coverage for one another when away from the office. Please book only with your respective physician unless otherwise directed.

Technology. An email address and commitment to use the online scheduler and patient portal is required. 

Online Scheduler. All appointments are booked online

Patient Portal. For simple issues, Dr. MacGregor will send a secure email message. Sensitive information will be communicated in person.

Administrative Concerns. The fastest way to get in touch with Dr. MacGregor is by email. Phone calls will be returned within 2 business days. No medical issues are discussed outside an office visit. 

Insurance or Third Party Forms. Insurance applications and/or third party forms require an appointment for completion. This ensures the information is correct and up to date. Completion of these forms is an "uninsured service" with Alberta Health Services, therefore, a charge applies

Chart Transfer. A $50.00 - $150.00 charge applies as this is considered an “uninsured service” by Alberta Health Services.

Results. Patients will not be contacted if results are normal. Dr. MacGregor does not email or fax copies of results to patients or other providers; an appointment is required to obtain. 

Timeliness. If a patient is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment will be cancelled and a fee of $60.00 applies. Please let Dr. MacGregor know either by phone or email if you are running behind.

Same Day Access. If a same-day appointment for a semi-urgent concern is required, contact Dr. MacGregor by email or phone or see "After Hours Care" for other options.

Pharmacy Care. Dr. MacGregor recommends patients use one pharmacy for continuity and patient safety.

Prescription Refills. Dr. MacGregor does not refill prescriptions outside of an office visit. Please speak with your pharmacist about providing an extension and then booking for a formal renewal.

Office Hours & Closures. Dr. MacGregor is away from the office periodically. During these times, emails, labs, and reports are reviewed. Dr. Malczyk will provide emergency coverage as needed.

Teaching Clinic. Patients may interact with a medical student or resident during a visit.

Primary Care Network. Despite the clinic's south Edmonton location, it is a member of the Leduc Beaumont and Devon Primary Care Network.

WHO International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. The clinic does not supply formula samples or participate in formula advertising. 

Vaccinations. Dr. MacGregor supports and encourages vaccinations. 

Services Not Provided. Dr. MacGregor does not provide inpatient hospital care, referral for infant foreskin removal (a.k.a circumcision), prescription for narcotics, marijuana or other controlled substances.

Work Leave. Dr. MacGregor believes work is an integral part of a person's life; therefore, all requests are treated with discretion.

Payment. Payments for uninsured services or fees can be made by cash, electronic money transfer or credit card.

Missed Appointments. 24 hours is required to cancel an appointment. To cancel, phone or email Dr. MacGregor, log into the online scheduler or respond to the text message reminder. Failure to do so results in a $60 charge. After two missed visits the doctor-patient relationship will be terminated. Dr. MacGregor also considers "no shows" to consultant physicians or specialists a violation of this policy. 

Termination of Doctor-Patient Relationship. Dr. MacGregor reserves the right to terminate the doctor-patient relationship as per the conditions documented and agreed to in the "Patient Contract" and documented on the website. If a patient is terminated, they will be informed by secure email messaging, phone or in person. No further appointments will be accepted. They are then responsible to find care elsewhere; Dr. MacGregor will provide 30 days of care for emergent issues. Records will be transferred with a fee. The most common reason for termination is disrespectful behaviour and/or repeated lateness or missed appointments.

Termination of Doctor-Family Relationship. In order to provide the best medical care for a child, a respectful working relationship between the parents(s) and doctor is necessary. If a parent is terminated from Dr. MacGregor's practice, this relationship is compromised; therefore, it is no longer appropriate for Dr. MacGregor to care for their children. As such, a referral to paediatrics will be offered and chart transferred at no charge. Dr. MacGregor will provide 30 days of care for emergent issues.