Willow Family Medicine is a small and unique practice. Certain policies are necessary to ensure a sustainable and effective doctor - patient relationship. Violation of these policies will result in the termination of this relationship.  

Same Day Access. Not all medical issues can wait. Therefore, Dr. Malczyk offers same-day appointments. For less urgent issues, bookings can be made as much as 3-4 weeks in advance pending schedule availability.  ** PLEASE NOTE:   Dr. Malczyk has holidays for the first 3 weeks of July, therefore booking options are quite limited through July.   If you need an appointment for an urgent same-day concern and none are available, please contact Dr. Malczyk directly by email to be accommodated. 

Appointment Length. Dr. Malczyk will aim to spend 10-20 minutes with you for your regular appointments and up to 30 minutes for more complex issues or physicals.  

Timeliness. Your time is valuable. Being on time allows Dr. Malczyk to do the same. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you will be asked to reschedule and will be charged for a missed visit.  Please let the clinic know you are running late by phone or by email.

Administrative Concerns. The fastest way to get in touch with the clinic or specifically with Dr. Malczyk is by email.  Phone calls will be returned at the end or the beginning of the next business day.  For most issues, questions, form completion, prescription refills etc, please book an appointment, as you would otherwise. 

Office Hours & Closures. Dr. Malczyk is away from the office periodically.  During this time, she will continue to answer emails, review test results/reports and respond to urgent matters. 

Technology - online scheduler and patient portal. In order to run an efficient, patient-focused clinic, technology is key.  You must have an active email address and a commitment to use the online scheduler only.  This is quick, convenient, and easy to use.  For those absolutely unable to do so, exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.  Your email is your access for clinic communications and for simple administrative concerns. Dr. Malczyk will send a secure message to your email. (ie: your appointment has been confirmed; or your test results are now in, and are normal).  To retrieve the email information, you will be assigned a unique and individualized password to access the system.  Dr. Malczyk will always communicate important or sensitive results in person and for this you may need to book another appointment. (ie: your tests results are in and I require you to book an appointment to review). 

Test Results. Dr. Malczyk will review all of her own laboratory and/or diagnostic and imaging reports. She will contact you directly with any concerns (ie: INR result, pregnancy test or thyroid adjustment) or will advise you book an appointment to further review and direction for next steps.  Please note, you will not typically be contacted if results are normal.

Continuity.  If you choose to see Dr. Malczyk at Willow Family Medicine and would like your medical record copied from LA Medical, you will be asked to sign a consent to have your file released from Leduc.  This will be done for you electronically once the request has been processed.  In the meantime, please bring a list of your medical conditions and medications for your first visit at Willow Family Medicine to facilitate your encounter.  If you have been recently hospitalized or had a medication change from another source, please book an appointment to update your chart and review your progress.

Pharmacy Care. Dr. Malczyk recommends that you use only one pharmacy. This way the pharmacist is familiar with all of your medications and can catch errors or interactions and even provide prescription extensions.   Please bring with you to your visit your pharmacy contact information so that it can be placed on your file.

Prescription Refills. Handling prescription refills is a surprisingly time-consuming task. It takes Dr. Malczyk away from her main priority, direct patient care. As such, Dr. Malczyk encourages you to look after all your refills in person via appointment.  Please endeavour to book an appointment several weeks before your medication running out.  Occasionally (and if you have been stable on a certain medication for a certain length of time) your pharmacist may be able to offer, at their discretion, a short extension on your prescription.  If desperate, please have your pharmacy fax me directly at 780-665-5200 to authorize a refill for you.  

Emergencies/Urgencies. If unable to book an appointment, Dr. Malczyk recommends:

LA Medical. Family Medicine Clinic in Leduc, AB.  You may be accommodated there as a walk-in patient if space is available.  Visit the website or call 780-986-9600. Clinic hours are M-F, 9am-5pm.

Leduc After-Hours Clinic. A short 20 minute drive from south Edmonton. Hours are 6-9:30 pm week nights only. This clinic (unlike any other) provides Willow Family Medicine a summary of your visit, helpful in maintaining continuity of care.

Leduc Community Hospital: Emergency and inpatient care.  

Grey Nuns Community Hospital:  Emergency, Trauma, and Obstetric care

Stollery Children's Hospital: For urgent pediatric issues. An emergency just for children.

Ellwood Pediatric Walk-In Clinic. For non-urgent, same day, walk-in matters. 

Pregnancy related issues. The only hospitals with labor and delivery are Grey Nuns, Misercordia, Royal Alexandra, and Sturgeon County Hospital. DO NOT go to the University or Leduc Community Hospital.  

If <20 weeks, present to an emergency department

If >20 weeks, present to labor and delivery

Special Interests. Dr. Malczyk is pleased to offer expertise in WCB issues, women’s health, sexual health, and breastfeeding support.  Her colleague, Dr. MacGregor had additional skills with labour and delivery, IUD insertions, and children's mental health.  Notwithstanding, she enjoys cradle to grave care - and welcomes any and all ages of individuals and families. 

Teaching Clinic. Dr. Malczyk is passionate about training the next generation of doctors. Patients may therefore interact with a medical student, intern, or resident doctor during their visit.  All patients are encouraged to be open to the idea of a trainee interaction.  You will always get to review after your encounter with Dr. Malczyk.  If you have specific reservations about seeing a learner at your visit, or indefinitely, please inform Dr. Malczyk of your preference, and every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

Vaccinations. Dr. Malczyk supports and encourages childhood vaccinations and of routine immunizations/boosters to adolescents and adults.  

Work Leave. Dr. Malczyk believes work, whether in or out of the home, is an integral part of a person's life, therefore, all requests for short or long term disability and leaves of absence will be treated with discretion and vigilance. Dr. Malczyk works hard and expects her patients to do the same. 

Missed Appointments. 24 hours advance notice is required to cancel all appointments. Same-day appointments must be attended. Failure to do so will result in a $60.00 charge to be paid by the next visit. More than 2 missed visits will result in termination of the patient-doctor relationship. Missing appointments prevents other patients from receiving care and is not tolerated by either Doctor.  

Payment. Payments for Uninsured Services can be made by cash or credit card through Square. There is a 2.65% user fee for all Square transactions. Personal cheques and debit cards are not accepted. Receipts will be provided. If unable to cover the cost of these services, please discuss with the doctor.

Termination of Patient-Doctor Relationship. Dr. Malczyk reserves the right to terminate the patient-physician relationship under the following circumstances;

If she or any person she works with feels threatened in any way by a patient or his or her family

If a patient has missed 2 or more appointments

If a patient has not been seen for more than 18 months. Patients are expected to come in for regular screening and preventative health care at least once per year.