Feeding and nursing a baby is a unique relationship; it is not only about nutrition but connection, comfort and immune system development.

The team at Willow Family Medicine is committed to helping families explore this relationship and meet their nursing, breastfeeding and infant nutrition goals.

Often families hear "breast is best" or "fed is best." These simplified statements do not cover the complexity of factors impacting breastfeeding and infant nutrition. Instead, our team believes:.

Best is being informed about normal infant behaviour and nutrition.

Best is being knowledgeable of the red flags of infant feeding difficulties.

Best is a well fed infant and a healthy family unit.

Best is participating in evidence-based medicine that is collaborative and empathetic.

Best is asking questions and obtaining answers in a respectful environment.

Best is making an informed decision with the necessary support to adapt and change with time.

Best is learning to use breast milk substitutes appropriately, safely and effectively.

Best is working with a lactation medicine physician specialist and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and/or specialists as required.

Best is being offered continuity of care and follow up.

Best is having access to socialised medicine. Families should not pay out-of-pocket for essential medical care or medically necessary procedure(s), such as infant frenectomy, as defined by the Alberta Schedule of Medical Benefits

Willow Family Medicine is also proud to be a World Health Organization (WHO) International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitute compliant lactation clinic. It is the first, and only, of its kind in Edmonton.