Breastfeeding support is dynamic and complex. To ensure your clinic time is used effectively, here are a few strategies to help your visit run smoothly.


A few minutes early, take your blood pressure and review and/or complete the necessary paperwork. There is no central reception, please take a seat and enjoy a cup of tea. We will be with your shortly.


The intake questionnaire before your first visit.


Yourself and baby in comfortable clothing with easy access for breastfeeding.

Bring baby

Neither very full nor very hungry. Arrange the earlier feedings so child is likely to be hungry after you arrive. If our office is running behind, which happens sometimes as babies are unpredictable, feed just enough to keep everyone comfortable.


If you are having difficulty making all the milk your baby needs, please bring whatever you use to feed your baby.


Pillows and strollers at home.


Since our clinic is small, consider limiting support people to one.


Know that your goals are our goals - whatever those may be. We are here to collaborate with you and your family.

Julia Mio (L) & Dr. Kelly MacGregor (R)

Julia Mio (L) & Dr. Kelly MacGregor (R)