Drs. MacGregor and Malczyk are fortunate to be members of the Leduc Beaumont  Devon Primary Care Network (LBD PCN). One of the important services offered by the LBD PCN is a Referral Coordination Program

  • If your believe you are in need of a referral, please book an appointment. Referrals are not completed outside an office visit.

  • If a referral was submitted by another office or physician, please contact them directly.

  • If a referral was submitted by your health care provider to Willow Family Medicine for consultation, please contact us with any questions or concerns. For breastfeeding and infant nutrition specific questions, please contact, Julia Mio.

  • If a referral was previously submitted by willow family medicine, please contact the referral coordinator with questions;

Deanne Harrison
e. deanne.harrison@lbdpcn.com
p. 780-980-8817
f. 780-980-3195