Uninsured services are those Alberta Health does not cover for Alberta residents. Therefore, patients must cover the cost. 

Payment can be made by electronic money transfer, cash or credit card (user fee applies). Invoice will be provided. Please allow 2 weeks for completion of forms and fees may be negotiated at physician discretion. The following list provides the cost of commonly uninsured services as determined by the Alberta Medical Association.

Employment Medical $200

Civil Aviation Medical $200

Drivers medical < 75 yo $150

Disability Tax Credit Form $150

Childhood medical < 18 yo $100

Medical opinion for work $50

Disability placard application $50

Uninsured office visit $200

Uninsured office procedure $200

Travel advice $100


Sick note $50

General Note $50

Refax/REprint paper work (outside office visit) $25

Medical record transfer $50 - $150

General form $50 / page